Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council: 2016 to 2018

Mission Statement:
Following the example of Jesus Christ, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother and St. Raphael, we commit ourselves to witness God's love story to all.

Our Vision:
We, the Christian Community of St. Raphael passionately immersed in the Gospel values of Jesus Christ, envision a faith filled community that brings self and others closer to God.

  • Pastoral Council Chairperson: Brenda Sameshima
  • Vice Chair, Lectors: Celeste Rivera
  • Secretary: Bill Thesken
  • Worship: Marina Pascua
  • Evangelization: Alison Carviero
  • Finance: Steve Mocilnikar
  • Temporalities: Leonard Vierra
  • Service: Tina Brun
  • Youth: Darrell Acob

Stewardship Document-Click here

Latest Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Choir and Music

                  Directors: vacant
                  Practice: Wednesday 6:30pm 

Filipino Catholic Club

                Director: Soledad Negrillo 

Food Pantry and Outreach Program

The Food Pantry at Saint Raphael Catholic Church was initiated by Lil Riley and Marie Petro and their respective husbands over 20 years ago.  The mission of the Food Pantry was to prepare baskets of food for families in need of assistance during times of hardship.  The families neither had to be Catholic nor in the Koloa area.  It could be any family across Kauai that needed help.

Over a decade ago, Tina Brun, the current Director of this program took over this mission.  She continues to prepare care packages when required. These care packages not only include food but household supplies as well such as soap, shampoo and even bedding.  In the month of July 2014 alone, she prepared care packages for 35 families in need.  She also organizes packages for up to 40 families across Kauai during three major holidays: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Included in these seasonal packages is either a large turkey or a large ham.  Every third Friday of the month, Tina prepares “brown bags” for the children of Koloa school.

Donations are accepted either in monetary form in “Food Pantry” box at the back of the church or nonperishable food can be left anytime in a container outside of the main church.


Families in need should contact the program Director Tina Brun at 808-742-6788  

Religious Education

               Director: Allison Carveiro
               Religious Education Registration Form
               Children's Religious Education Program - Preschool through Grade 8: Sunday 8:30 - 9:20 am

Respect Life

               Alternative to abortion - call 1-800-395-HELP 1-800-395-HELP FREE


               Prayer begins 30 minutes prior to every mass

St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii

              Domestic Violence crisis line 808-245-6362 808-245-6362
              Sexual Assault crisis line 808-246-4144 808-246-4144
              Suicide / Crisis Prevention 1-800-753-6879 1-800-753-6879 FREE

Disciples sepia at the back of the altar, view from outside

Disciples sepia at the back of the altar, view from outside