St. Raphael Laulima Campaign

*Laulima is Hawaiian for "Many Hands Working Together"

The Laulima Campaign, our first capital campaign in over 20 years reached its initial goal of $500,000 to address the replacement of the existing roofs and repair of windows of our churches and other buildings. 


We originally had proposed to use an asphalt shingle, however, when we compared the cost to an aluminum shingle, we found that the incremental cost was much less than double the cost of the asphalt shingle, yet offered 3 times the lifespan of the asphalt shingle.  Another additional cost resulted from significant rot in the roof of the bell tower that necessitated the replacement of the roof structure. 

As a result, we now have roofs that will serve the community for the next 50-years!  The upgraded shingle and bell tower repair did raise our projected funds required to complete the project from 500,000 to 600,000 dollars.  As a result we have added a stretch goal to our campaign to minimize the amount of money we need to withdraw from our saving accounts. 

Pledge or Donation Levels

Bronze   - Bronze color copper Leaf Pledge $3/week for two years or one time gift of $300**
Silver   - Silver color aluminum Leaf Pledge $5/week for two years or one time gift of $500**
Gold  - Gold color brass Leaf Pledge $10/week for two years or one time gift of $1,000**
Hope  - Small Rock or Dove* Pledge $50/week for two years or one time gift of $5,000**
Faith  - Medium Rock or Dove* Pledge $75/week for two years or one time gift of $7,500**
Love  - Large Rock or Dove* Pledge $100/week for two years or one time gift of $10,000**


*You may alternatively select multiple leaves with multiple engravings

** One time gift can be split into two payments for tax deduction purposes

Introducing the St. Raphael Giving Tree


We  thank and appreciate the generosity of congregants who pledge or donate to help us reach our campaign goals by providing you with an opportunity to commemorate life's important moments through a customized inscription on one or more "leaves" designed and placed in the church in the form of a tree - a symbol of life, fertility and solidarity. Every leaf can be inscribed as a lasting memento of your generous commitment to the long term well-being of the parish. 





Loved Ones


You can confirm your pledge intention or donation by completing the campaign card and returning the card to the church office, church office mail slot at the front door after hours or by US mail to:

St. Raphael Church

3011 Hapa Rd

Koloa, HI


These markers will be visited and viewed at St. Raphael's for generations to come and allow you to link a piece of you, your family and loved ones with our church in Kauai forever.  You will also receive a personalized letter of thanks from Fr. Arlan Intal and a Mass Intention on a date of your choice.

Our Church, Our Kauai, Our Future


Progress as of December 2020 

Mahalo for your support!